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Friendly remind: A pack contains 70 switches Q: Which kind of lube we use?A: Krytox GPL105: lube the spring.    Krytox AUT2045+GPL105 Mix(7:3): lube the switches and stabilizers. Q: Which parts we lube? Spring: overall lubricationStem: around the stemStem legs Q: The disclaimer for our lube serviceA: In general, the switch lube service can reduce the switch noise and improve the smoothness. However, regarding the type feeling and sound, we could not satisfy every customer. Q: Shipping time?A: need to wait 2-3 weeks before shipping   Sprit Spring Replacement Service 1. This product is only applicable to those who have purchased the Switch Lube Service.2. Box switches don t support replacing the springs.3. This Spring Replacement Service does not include Switch Lube Service. TRANSLATE with x English Arabic Hebrew Polish Bulgarian Hindi Portuguese Catalan Hmong Daw Romanian Chinese Simplified Hungarian Russian Chinese Traditional Indonesian Slovak Czech Italian Slovenian Danish Japanese Spanish Dutch Klingon Swedish English Korean Thai Estonian Latvian Turkish Finnish Lithuanian Ukrainian French Malay Urdu German Maltese Vietnamese Greek Norwegian Welsh Haitian Creole Persian TRANSLATE with COPY THE URL BELOW Back EMBED THE SNIPPET BELOW IN YOUR SITE Enable collaborative features and customize widget: Bing Webmaster Portal Back


Zeal 67g Rosélios (Silent Linear), cherry black, cherry green, kailh box jade, Novelkeys cream switch, Gateron Ink V2 Black, Gateron Ink V2 Silent Black, Gateron Caps Milky Yellow, Gateron Oil King, Tecsee Purple Pandas, No,I dont need switches, Emotoys Little Daisy Silent, Cherry MX Black Clear-Top MX2A-61NW, Tecsee Eclair Switch, Gateron G Pro 3.0 Yellow, Gateron G Pro 3.0 Red, Gateron G Pro 3.0 Brown, Gateron G Pro 3.0 Black, Gateron G PRO 3.0 Silver One-stage Spring, Gateron G PRO 3.0 Silver Two-stage Spring, Gateron G PRO 3.0 White One-stage Spring, Gateron G PRO 3.0 White Two-stage Spring, Jerrzi Tu Linear Switches, Gateron Magnetic Orange Linear Switch

XS 0, 1 30-32 24-26 34-36
S 2-4, 3-5 32-34 26-28 36-38
M 6-8, 7-9 34-36 28-30 38-40
L 10-12, 11-13 36-38 30-32 40-42
XL 14, 15 38-40 32-34 42-44
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