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Inspiration The theme of Pbtfans Vior was inspired by is inspired by cosmic dust. The set comes in dark purple, semi-transparent outer layers with incorporated silver and gold sparkles that add more dimension to the caps. IC FORM Specs Material: ABS Material Profile: Cherry Profile Manufacturing Method: Double shot injection moulding Manufacturer: KBDfans Packaging: ABS keycaps tray with designed tray cover Compatibility: Cherry MX and MX clones switches Designer: Aiglatson Studio Deskmat Specs Measurement: 740 mm x 265 mm x 4 mm(±1cm tolerance) Production Method: printed over the edge Texture: Hybrid Textured Cloth, rough surface Weight: around 460g Vendors EU: Candykeys EU: Eloquentclicks Korea: Geonworks Thailand: Aiglatson Studio ID: Mechaland OCE: Allcaps UK: Prototypist Canada: Minokeys South America: LatamKeys Singapore: Ktechs VT: Uniqmeck US: Divinikey Global: KBDfans Color comparison Update In-stock sale: July 14th, 2023 Physical sample was approved, wait for production (2023-05-04) Working on R2 physical sample (2023-04-28) Disclaimers These keycaps are semi-transparent; therefore, colors may be highly sensitive to lighting and the angle of view. The inner layer for the actual set would potentially have visible holes. These holes are not defects but manufacturing constraints from the double shot injection molding process. QC Standard PBTfans Keycap QC Standard: Link Available in other Official Store Aliexpress store: Click Shopee.Philippines: Click Shopee.Singapore: Click Shopee.Malaysia: Click Shopee.Thailand: Click Pictures


Base, Alpha (light beige), Numpad, International, 40s, Artisan, [Pre-Order] Deskmat

XS 0, 1 30-32 24-26 34-36
S 2-4, 3-5 32-34 26-28 36-38
M 6-8, 7-9 34-36 28-30 38-40
L 10-12, 11-13 36-38 30-32 40-42
XL 14, 15 38-40 32-34 42-44
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