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OG60 KEYBOARD Inspiration The prototype Cherry G80-3077SAU is one of my favorite mechanical keyboards, and I love the great design. We recreated this 60% layout keyboard kit with reference to the shape of the G80-3077SAU. Design & Colors OG60 is a retro design and electrostatic coating process. It uses high-quality aluminum alloy as raw material and is processed by CNC machine. The weight at the bottom is made of brass, and the surface is sandblasted process. Not only can increase the weight of the keyboard but also more beautiful.The pattern engraved on the weight is the pattern on traditional Chinese furniture, the cloud pattern, which symbolizes peace and auspiciousness. KBDfans OG 60 Building Tutorial Color All four colors are blasted coating process not rendering images Gray blue Creamy white Starry black Gray Layout WKL WK HHKB What s inside? Comes with 2 Plate, Fr4 and Polycarbonate materials Dual-mount support Feel different typing experience by using different fixing methods TOP MOUNT GASKET MOUNT More photos Prototype keyboard shot, not rendering. Detail Specifications Structure: Top mount/Gasket mount Prototype reference: G80-3077SAU, retro design Programmable: QMK firmware/VIA supports Plate: Polycarbonate PCB: Flex cut, 1.2mm thickness, without Per-key RGB Layout: WKL/WK/HHKB Weight: Brass, surface sandblasted process PCB: Hot-swap Weight: around 1.70 kg (case+weight bar) Include Blasted coating aluminum case x1 Flexible cutting and hot swap PCB x1 Plate x2 (Polycarbonate and FR4) Silicone socks set x1 PCB foam x1 Daughterboard x1 Bottom case foam x1 EVA Switch pads x1 Rubber feet and screws Stabilizers shims x1 Cherry screw-in stabilizers Update For pre-sale orders placed before December 2022, most accessories have arrived at the warehouse. Other orders are still in production.(2023-02-06) Start the shipment of WK Layout Kit on Jan 11, 2023 (2023-01-10) The production of the WK case is about to be completed, and the production of the PCB is expected to be completed in early December, 2022. (2022-11-21) Already in production, pre-orders are expected on Black Friday 2022. Dimensions Plate File OG60 ANSI Plate.step OG60 ISO Plate.step Firmware Flash manual dztech_og60_via.uf2 FAQ How many switches do I need to buy? At least 65 switches need to be bought. What is the shipping date? Estimated shipping date of WK layout: Mid-January, 2023. Please pay attention to our update page. The estimated delivery time of the pre-sale part of WKL and HHKB will be in Q1 2023. Which Plate should I use? Usually FR4 is harder than Polycarbonate. If you like stronger rebound feedback, you can choose Fr4. If you like softer rebound feedback, you can choose Polycarbonate. Should I buy a 3pin switch or a 5pin switch? Both are supported, but you need to pay attention, there are 2 switches in the ISO position that require a 3Pin switch. If you re a 5pin switch, you ll need to clip your switch pin to mount it.Please see the picture below:

Case color (*keycaps not included)

Gray, Gray blue, Starry black, Creamy white




Polycarbonate and FR4

XS 0, 1 30-32 24-26 34-36
S 2-4, 3-5 32-34 26-28 36-38
M 6-8, 7-9 34-36 28-30 38-40
L 10-12, 11-13 36-38 30-32 40-42
XL 14, 15 38-40 32-34 42-44
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