[Limited edition] Akuma 80% Keyboard Kit

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Project Progress Arranging the shipment (2023-03-22) The laser number is being printed, and most of the cases have arrived at the warehouse (2023-02-06) Case:preparing the material; PCB: in stock; Plate:in production (2022-10-26) AkumaIn other words, Devil. Designed By Mighty Setup Group Start Date: Sep 22nd at 7:00 PM PST (Pacific standard time). This Group Buy will last for ONE HOUR ONLY! Estimated Shipping Date: Q2 2023 Quantity: Limited item with 500 units MAX Specs Layout: 80% (TKL WK F13 / TKL WKL F13) Structure: Leaf spring mounting system with option for top mount PCB: Hotswapable, Flex Cut, 1.2 mm thickness, RGB underglow, QMK firmware, Daughterboard Case: Aluminium Top and Bottom case Case colour: Black / E – White / Purple / Gray / Blue / Red Typing angle: 6.9° Plate material: Aluminium/Polycarbonate/PVD Brass Tape Mod: Designed Weight bar: PVD Brass, PVD Brass Laser, PVD Brass Black Size: Front height: 17mm; Front typing height: 20mm; Back height: 39mm Weight: Estimated 2.9kg Include Aluminum Top and Bottom case x1 Weight bar x1 PCB x1 (include USB Daughter Board x1, stab shims x1) Plate x1 PCB foam x1 Case foam x1 Switch pad x1 Silicone socks set x1 Designed tape mod x1 Akuma Themed card x1 Rubber feet x1 Vendor KBDfans (Global) Friendly remind No matter which plate or weight bar you choose, the price is the same $495. SKU Items Price(USD) EM0040 Aluminium Plate 29 EM0034 Polycarbonate Plate 29 EM0035 PVD Brass Plate 65 ZH7968 Hot-swap PCB 50 ZH9468 PCB Foam/Case Foam/Switch Pad 15 EM0039 Tape Mod 2 DP4817 Silicone socks Set 2 TKL WK F13 TKL WKL F13

Case color + weight bar

Black + PVD Brass Laser Weight bar, Gray + PVD Brass Weight bar



“恶魔” text on the front

Yes, No

XS 0, 1 30-32 24-26 34-36
S 2-4, 3-5 32-34 26-28 36-38
M 6-8, 7-9 34-36 28-30 38-40
L 10-12, 11-13 36-38 30-32 40-42
XL 14, 15 38-40 32-34 42-44
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