What to Wear to a Wedding? Try a Lace Dress!

Heading to a wedding?

Rest assured that wearing lace dresses to weddings is both appropriate and stylish! Nothing says, “love and tradition” quite like lace. The latest lace wedding guest dresses are an ideal mashup of softness, class, and contemporary flair. Just make sure that you’re choosing the right lace dresses for weddings. While staying true to yourself, your lace dress should also embrace a level of modesty appropriate for the occasion. Follow these few quick tips to nail your look for the nuptials.

1. Keep it classy with the cut.

Dresses for weddings should be stylish, not sexy, so it’s important to bear in mind which cuts are suitable for weddings.

  • Semi-formal lace dresses with higher necklines deserve high praise for their unique blend of modesty and trendiness. Ever flaunted lace dresses with faux-collars? Faux collars and other types of unique high necklines make lace wedding-guest dresses a little more exciting while keeping things classy.
  • Coverage is key. Go for sleeves of any length and avoid daring cutouts. You can get the appeal of real cutouts with Illusion mesh insets or panels.

2. Look for length.

No, you don’t need to wear a floor-length gown for all weddings! Save those fancy long lace gowns for black-tie formal weddings. When it comes to short lace wedding-guest dresses, err on the side of longer is better and avoid mini dresses. Short, knee-length, midi, or tea-length are all respectable choices for weddings. Listen to your instinct, and let the level of formality of the ceremony dictate your decision.

3. Focus on the fit.

Lace dresses come in all shapes and sizes (just like the gals wearing them), so it’s important to find the fit that flatters, not flaunts. It’s fine to wear lace dresses for weddings that accentuate the figure in a well-tailored fashion, but avoid those that are overly clingy.

4. Don’t steal the spotlight with sparkle.

Dresses for weddings can have a little shimmer, but your lace dress shouldn’t be the center of attention. Save the serious sparkle for a different occasion. Opt for lace wedding-guest dresses with beaded waistbands or a few subtle embellishments over head-to-toe sequined details or layers of glitter lace.

5. Avoid white, at all costs!

White lace dresses are rarely, if ever, acceptable wedding guest dresses. Even though more brides are branching out from the standard color, white lace dresses are almost always reserved for the bride. Any shade of white dresses for weddings could take attention away from the most important woman of the event. So, what colors are good to wear to weddings? Light colored lace dresses are a safe bet as long as they can’t be mistaken for white, but you’re probably better off going with dark or multicolored formal and semi-formal lace dresses.

Figuring out what to wear to weddings isn’t a perfect science, but finding appropriate lace dresses for weddings is as easy as these five steps! Just stick to these little tips to make sure that your lace wedding guest dress offers an on-point look for celebrating the happy couple.

10 Spring Floral Print Dresses You’ll Love!

What to wear to all those spring parties and weddings? Right here!

Spring Floral Print Dresses

Floral-print dresses are all the rage for spring dresses right now. That’s why we pulled together 10 of our favorite (read: effortlessly chic) dresses with floral prints for you to shop. Get inspired and then head over to our gallery of Simply Dresses print dresses!

Navy Long Floral Dress

1. This Navy Long Floral Dress

This is one of those dresses that you can literally wear to anything–from your best friend’s baby shower to a cocktail wedding reception, and a date night out at your favorite restaurant. The navy keeps it on the formal side while the v-neckline is romantic and playful.

2. This Robin's Egg Blue Floral Dress

Our favorite part about trendy floral-print dresses is that they’re so versatile. Wear this robin’s egg blue floral dress with sandal heels to your friend’s wedding or dress it down with flat sandals for your next girls night out. (PS check out the cut-out in the back–super cute!)

Robin's Egg Blue Floral Dress

Floral Denim and Rose Midi Dress

3. This Floral Denim and Rose Midi Dress

Some of the hottest dresses for spring 2020 involve oversized floral prints like this button-up midi-length dress in denim and coral by SimplyDresses. Wear it to your next friend’s backyard gathering or throw a sweater on and wear it to the office all spring and summer.

4. This Short Shift Off-The-Shoulder Floral Dress

What could be easier to wear than an off-the-shoulder short shift dress for spring? This one in red and cream is the perfect answer to what to pull out of the closet for your next brunch.

Short Shift Off-The-Shoulder Floral Dress

Casual High-Low Hemline Floral Print Dress in Coral

5. This Casual High-Low Hemline Floral Print Dress in Coral

Floral dresses get a fun flirty upgrade with a high-low hemline, perfect for showing off a great pair of nude wedges. Bonus: The popover style up top gives you extra coverage around your midriff.

6. This Navy Knee-Length Dress

A navy, pink and purple color combination on this floral dress look and feel buttoned-up. Wear it to lunch with the parents, to that graduation celebration or just out to brunch with friends.

Navy Knee-Length Dress

Moody Floral Jumpsuit

7. This Moody Floral Jumpsuit

You don’t have to wear a dress to pull off the floral print trend this season. This floral print jumpsuit is equal parts fun and trendy. Dress it up with wedges and a dainty pair of earrings or down with a pair of chic slide sandals.

8. This Navy Plus-Size Floral Maxi Dress

This long maxi floral dress would be the perfect style to wear to that summer or spring wedding. The long style gives you all the coverage you could want while the halter neckline and slit make it feel special.

Navy Plus-Size Floral Maxi Dress


9. This Floral Print Tiered Maxi Dress

Between the tiered skirt, the green palm pattern and the super flattering neckline, what’s not to love about this navy and green floral dress? Wear it to your friend’s cocktail-style wedding or out to dinner with friends.

10. This Mauve and Coral Floral Print Dress

If you’re invited to a bridal or baby shower this season, a pretty wrap floral dress like this one would be absolutely perfect. Add a pair of barely there nude sandals and you’re set.

Makeup & Nail Polish

Casual and Formal Jumpsuits in Flattering Fits

Casual and Formal Jumpsuits

In love with the latest jumpsuits craze but not sure how to pull it off? We’ve got you. From jumpsuits by body type to accessorizing and picking out the right color, here’s what you need to know.

Tailored jumpsuits

If You’re Short and Buying a Jumpsuit...

Tailored jumpsuits (as in, nothing too drapey or oversized) are going to look best on you if you’re petite. So as you shop, look for a slim-fitting and cropped jumpsuit style similar to this gold and black V-neck jumpsuit by Simply Dresses.

Tailored jumpsuits

If You’re Tall And Buying a Jumpsuit...

As you go to look for a great jumpsuit that will complement your body type, start with the pant leg. A nice wide legged jumpsuit, like this maroon jumpsuit with a flutter V-neckline, will play up your height and elongate your frame.

Tailored jumpsuits

If You’re Plus Size and Buying a Jumpsuit...

Looking for a jumpsuit style that plays up your curves and gives you shape? For your next formal event or wedding look for plus-size jumpsuits with a belt at the natural waist and a wide pant leg.

Tailored jumpsuits

If You’re Looking for a Formal Jumpsuit...

Formal jumpsuits are a fabulous unexpected alternative to formal dresses. The trick to ensuring your jumpsuit looks elevated enough for a formal event is in the tailoring, fabric and neckline. Look for structured styles (cropped if you’re shorter and wide leg if you’re taller), finer fabrics (like chiffon or even velvet) and open necklines (like strapless or even one-shoulders).

Tailored jumpsuits

If You’re Looking for a Casual Jumpsuit...

Printed fabrics, loose-fitting styles and drawstring belts are all going to give your jumpsuit a more laid-back look. (PS We have lots of cute casual jumpsuits in our Simply Dresses gallery!)

Tailored jumpsuits

If You’re On a Budget...

To get the most out of your jumpsuit, look for a style that will span the seasons. Jumpsuits with sleeves are cool enough for a spring or summer event, while the added coverage and style makes it totally comfortable for the cooler months.

Tailored jumpsuits

If You’re Looking for The Most Flattering Jumpsuits...

In short: Take the most universally flattering color and styles and put them all together. A black jumpsuit, similar to this V-neck style, is easy to dress up and down (not to mention a great added staple for your wardro

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